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FIND YOUR UK ring size

The most accurate way to find our your ring size is to go to a jewellery shop and get your finger measured.  Alternatively, if you already have a ring that is the right size, you can simply measure the internal diameter and match it to the chart on the right.  However, if you are measuring your finger, you can use this at home method for a pretty good fit.

Measure in the evening, when your fingers are largest. Try not to measure when you’re cold, as fingers are at least half a size smaller.

- Thicker ring bands will fit and feel tighter, so for a ring with a deep band width, you will probably need to go up by one size (this is a general guide so don't worry too much on this point as my ring bands are very small).

- Cut a strip of paper approxiamtely 1 cm wide and long enough to wrap around your finger with length to spare. 

- Wrap it around the base of the finger you plan to wear your ring on. Ensure it is neither too tight or too loose.  You want a little movement, but it definitely shouldn't be able to fall off your finger over the knuckle.

- Mark the point where it overlaps, forming a complete circle.

- Measure the length from the start paper to the pen mark.

- The measurement you have is the circumference.  Look on the chart to the right to find your ring size.

Ring sizing chart 72.jpg
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