myBearHands ECO PLEDGE

As a maker, I want my jewellery to be beautifully designed and well made.  But I don't want this to be at the expense of the earth or people who live in it.  Jewellery is a luxury item, and there is really no justification for damaging natural environments or exploiting workers in it's creation.

On this page you will find information about my journey to becoming an ethical jewellery designer.  I hope that sharing links to eco friendly materials, processes and resources will be helpful for anyone looking to make similar changes within their own jewellery business. 

I now only make new work using recycled silver, and any other materials I introduce (to add colour for example) would only be considered if they fit within the ethos of an eco jewellery brand.

As this is the start of my ethical journey, you will see I still have jewellery from my older collections in brass and resin available on my site.  Brass is predominantly a recycled metal, and I will continue to sell these until I've worked through my current stock of materials - there is no sense in throwing them away!  As they run out I will replace them with the ethical alternatives listed on this page.


I really hope you find something of use on this page.  If you know of other resources I should add to my list please comment in the box below.  The more information we can gather as a community the better.