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ABOUT myBearHands

Hello! my name is Sally, and I run myBearHands from my home studio in Bristol. My aim is to create beautiful, contemporary jewellery with as little damage to our planet as possible.


I work with recycled silver so no new metal is mined to make my jewellery.  All my packaging and postage materials are plastic free, recyclable and made from recycled materials wherever possible.   I use recycled ink cartridges and have a green energy tariff for my studio. Every decision I make for my business takes the environment into consideration.  I aim to be as sustainable as possibly always.

Halo hoops 2 72.jpg

I am self taught as a jeweller, coming from a background in illustration.  Starting out making illustrated tile jewellery I have made many kinds of jewellery over the years from laser cut wood to cast resin jewellery.   My move to recycled silver came from a desire to develop my creative skills, combined with a personal concern for the future of our planet.  I hope that we can move to a future where we invest in fewer quality things that we can treasure for years, rather than the mass produced fast fashion we have become so used to.

myBearHands jewellery is contemporary and minimal, often with a playful feel.  I love creating new designs and collections which I sell right here on my website, as well as through shops, galleries and at craft fairs and markets.  My inspiration comes from all around me, and I continually jot down ideas as they pop into my head.  You will often find me doodling new ideas whilst I'm running my stand at events - being surrounded by so many other creative makers is always inspiring!  

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I am also Mum to two little girls who have turned our world upside down for the better, and often join me at markets so you are very likely to meet one or both of them if you visit! 

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