April 3, 2017


Hello!  This month has been a time for new trying out new ideas for myBearHands jewellery.  It's somehow fitting to be working on new collections now that Spring is here - a time for new beginnings all round.  Even my little cherry tree (and I mean little - not much more than a twig in a pot) put out it's first tentative blossoms last week. 


Last month I mentioned some of my business resolutions, and this month I'm going to share one of my creative aims for myBearHands in 2017.  


Running a handmade jewellery business is a real creative journey for me.  I have no formal training in jewellery making, so I'm just learning everything as I go (thank you YouTube!).  This means embracing constant change and evolution in my style as I learn how to work with new materials and techniques.


I've recently been experimenting with metals including brass and silver - if you've not seen them check out my 'Jungle Book' collection, 'Glitter Box' range and Hand Stamped brass brooches.   They have a more subtle look to my usual laser cut wood and resin jewellery which I really love, so I have decided to continue creating more work in this style. creative aim for 2017?... by the end of the year, I want all myBearhands jewellery in my online jewellery store to be made in this way - from brass, silver and resin as the primary materials.  This means creating enough new work using brass and silver to replace my current laser cut jewellery by the end of the year, gulp!


As you can imagine, I've been having loads of fun working on new ideas.  First up I had a go at tassel making, which by the way is super fun, I might do a little tassel making tutorial sometime as it's so easy to make your own into super cute tassel jewellery - perfect for summer festival style!

The reason I was making tassels was to go with these hand cut brass animal shapes I tried out.  This was load of fun, and went down well when I shared a pic or two on my Instagram, so I'm definitely going to be continuing with this idea. 

I've also been experimenting with enamel on brass - I wanted to stick with simple, geometric shapes, accented with blocks of colour.  Simple necklaces and earrings that would be wearable day to day.  I love the opaque white enamel and turquoise next to the warm tones of the brass.  I even got my soldering kit out and made a few bangles!

Next up I'm hoping to start working on another collection similar to my Jungle Book range, based on a classic tale with my own illustrations suspended in resin.  I'd love to try using some silver with this range as I think it would be really delicate and pretty with the clear resin.  But you'll have to keep watching for that as it's currently still only at the sketchbook stage of development!

If you'd like to keep up with myBearHands creative journey you can follow my blog, and get daily updates through my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  If you're a maker I'd love to hear from you about your creative journey, and if not I'd love to hear from you about anything at all! 


Until next month, enjoy the new Spring and get out into that sunshine  



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