October 25, 2016

 Hello!  If this is your first visit to myBearHands - Welcome.  


You're in good company, this is a first for both of us - My First Blog.  But how to actually write that first post?


After waiting for inspiration to strike, worrying about my blogging 'voice' and reading enough advice about 'how to write the perfect blog post' to fill an encyclopaedia, I realised the only way to do it was to actually sit down at the keyboard (coffee recommended) and start typing.


So let me introduce myself.  My name is Sally.  I live in a little house in Bristol with and Tino-the-Cat (who you will have met if you follow me on Instagram) and my other half.  I share a studio with 3 wonderful creative ladies who also run small businesses, and we travel the highs and lows of self employment together.


I don't know if I have 'a voice'.  I certainly don't see myself as a career blogger.  My aim for the myBearHands blog is simply to share my creative journey with you.  I want to give you an inside look at what goes on in my studio, share my ideas along the way, and hopefully offer a few useful tips if you like getting creative yourself. 


If you'd like to follow me for the thrills and spills of the crafty life, then hit the follow button now.  I'm also on all the usual social media platforms so why not pop over and see what's going on there as well!  


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