These brass drop earrings will have you summer ready with their pop of tropical turquoise resin and golden yellow tassel.


Tassel earrings are the perfect festival accessory, or add a fun touch for a summer wedding.  Each yellow tassel hangs beneath a solid brass dome shaped charm, topped with turquoise resin.


Handmade in my Bristol studio, I make each tassel, add the resin myself, and finish every earring by hand.


The ear wires are gold filled so they wont irritate sensitive ears.  Gold filling means a base metal is coated in a much thicker layer of gold than plating; so where gold plating can flake off or wear away, gold filling does not.  


Your pink tassel earrings come in a stylish grey jewellery box with gold stamped logo. 

Yellow and Turquoise Tassel Earrings

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  • Care of your Jewellery

    You can gently polish brass to restore it's shine with any household polish. Take care not to damage the tassel if using polish - we recomend gently covering the threads with some low tack tape, or paper and and elastic band.  There are is also plenty of information online on how to clean brass using household products such as vinegar and baking soda!