An unusual and eye catching oxidised silver ring with a delicate, shiny silver band.  The design is inspired by seed pods, with the upturned flat edge being punctuated with a random arrangement of tiny holes.  This is an unusual, eye catching statement ring whilst still having a delicate feel.


Looks lovely worn alone, or, as seen in the image above, worn stacked with another delicate ring.  


The silver band is gently hammered for a natural feel and to slightly flatten the sides of the band.  The 'seed pod' has a contrasting silk finish in dark oxidised black.


See the drop down menu for sizes I have in stock whilst on maternity leave.


Your handmade ring will come in a stylish grey and gold stamped jewellery box.


As with all my silver jewellery, this ring is handmade by me from recycled silver so if shopping ethically is important to you, you know your purchase will be both environmentally friendly supporting a small, creative British business.  My postage and packaging materials are also recycled and recyclable - no unwanted plastic here!

Oxidised Seed Pod ring with silver band

  • Care of your Silver Jewellery

    Oxidisation is a surface technique which colours the outer layer of the silver and so can wear away as it is touched/rubbed over time.  The black finish can be refreshed as many times as needed, and I am happy to offer a touch up service free of charge (you would just need to post it to me) at any time.  

    However, caring for and storing your jewellery appropriately will stop the colour wearing away quickly/at all.  Remove your jewellery before excercising or showering etc, and ideally before going to bed as well.  Protect your jewellery from other items by storing them in the box they come in, or a soft bag would be fine.  Do not to polish oxidised jewellery as this would remove the oxidisation.  You can polish any section of the jewellery that is not oxidised as normal - just be careful not to run over onto the oxidised section!  Using polish on brushed silver will add shine, try warm soapy water if you really need to clean them without adding shine.

  • Returns

    If you are not happy with your purchase, or wish to return it for any reason, please get in touch and I will be happy to help.

    I offer refunds within 14 days of delivery and exchanges up to 30 days (if it is a gift at Christmas for example, I will extend this to 14 and 30 days from receipt of the gift - so mid January for a refund and end of January for an exchange).

    If your jewellery breaks (this is very rare!) do get in touch and I can either replace or fix it for you. 

    I am a small independant business so am flexible and will always work with you to ensure you are happy.