This gorgeous geometric brass and resin necklace is made up of two triangles, a hexagon and a circle.  Each shape is filled with a different colour of resin with a contemporary feel.  Black turquoise and coral are set off with a thin black and white stripe in one of the triangles.  Finished with a sterling silver chain, this necklace is totally on trend with it's colour combination and geometric shapes.


The silver chain is 42cm in total and finished with a simple bolt ring.  If you would like the chain a different length, please contact me and we can arrange a custom order for you. 


Presented in a stylish grey box with gold stamped logo, this would make the perfect gift.  Take a look at the matching drop or stud earrings to make it a set.

Geometric 'Shapes' Necklace

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  • Care

    You can polish your brass and resin necklace with any household polish such as 'Peek'.  Just look for one that will polish multiple materials including metal, ceramic and fibre glass.  The resin may lose it's shine over time - a few applications of polish should bring it back, just be sure to use a soft cloth to prevent adding scratches.  Brass can be polished over and over again, as a non-plated metal the shine will come back every time.  The silver chain can also be polished with a cloth, but you may need to rinse it afterwards to remove any polish stuck in the chain links.  Alternatively, Google has lots of recipes for homemade silver cleaning baths using products such as vinegar, bicarbonate of soda etc.